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Jeunesses scientifiques

The Young Belgian Scientists' main objective is to generate the taste for science to the youth without any form of elitism. Willing to contribute to the development and the scientific culture of the citizens-adults of tomorrow.

In this view, we organise trainings, workshops, camps, playgrounds, expos, for the youngsters willing to deepen their scientific knowledge or, simply, having some fun making science. Specific training activities are also organised for our future animators and teachers in a continuing education.

Youth organisation active since 1957, our organisation has taken up the challenge to develop attractive activities for young people to make them discovering the world through the scientific process and exploring the scientific process by observing the world! Our organisation is active at international level and a founding member of MILSET (the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Sciences and Technology).


Former training provider: Experimentarium (Xp) 2014-2017,


Face to Face Trainings in Belgium

Trainings 2017/2018



Training 1: Stratégies d'enseignement fondées sur l'investigation scientifique                                       01/02/2018 et 20/04/2018         Bruxelles
Training 2: Stratégies d'enseignement fondées sur l'investigation scientifique 08/02/2018 et 24/04/2018 Mons
Training 3: Stratégies d'enseignement fondées sur l'investigation scientifique 22/02/2018 et 04/05/2018 Namur
Training 4: Challenge Labs 27/04/2018 Bruxelles
Training 5: Challenge Labs 20/04/2018 Liege


Trainings 2016/2017



Training 1: Food for Science                                       -           Bruxelles
Training 2: Food for Science 26/01/2017; 21/04/2017  Bruxelles
Training 3: Food for Science 09/03/2017; 28/04/2017  Liege
Training 4: Food for Science 24/02/2017; 04/05/2017  Nivelles
Training 5: Food for Science 09/02/2017; 12/05/2017 Mons
Training 6: Food for Science 30/03/2017 Haute Ecole Robert Shuman (Virton)


Trainings 2015/2016



Training 1: Food for Science                                       18/02/2016; 15/04/2016             Bruxelles
Training 2: Food for Science 26/02/2016; 12/05/2016  Bruxelles
Training 3: Food for Science 08/01/2016; 24/03/2016  Liege
Training 4: Food for Science 03/03/2016; 22/04/2016  Nivelles
Training 5: (Cancelled) 10/03/2016; 29/04/2016 Namur
Training 6: Food for Science 17-18/03/2016 Haute Ecole (Brussels)
Training 7: Food for Science  20/04/2016; 26/05/2016  Geel


Training for Flemish teachers: 20th of April & 26th of May 2016

The ULB physics Expérimentarium  and the "Culture in vivo" organization propose a free training course in Dutch to secondary science education teachers on 20th of April and 26th of May 2016. 

Training Title: Food for Science

Location: GO! atheneum Geel, Technische-Schoolstraat 15, 2440 GEEL.

Tel: 014-58.00.31; Website;

Link to register to the training: Registration process - Go to the Amgen Teach registration website:

Training Content:

1st Day Program (20 April 2016):

  • 9h-9h30: Welcome to the participants. Prequestionnaire AMGEN.
  • 9h30-10h: Introduction to IBSE (see "Didactisch dossier" included) and short discussion
  • 10h-12h30: Lab 1: vacuum packing and food packaging
  • 12h30-13h30: Lunch
  • 13h30-15h30:   Lab 2:  Food biochemistry lab
  • 15h30-16h: Presentation of new and different experimentation instruments along with special challenging lab activities.
  • 16h-16h30: Comments on activities of the day.

 2nd Day Program (26 May 2016): tbc following day one of the training and the content will be defined taking into account the feedback received from teachers joining the first day.


Content  applied to all trainings:

Trainings duration:

2 days each training from 9h to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 16h30 (6.5 hours training each day).

Training content:

1st day:

  • Prequestionnaire filling (30 min)
  • presentation and first discussion on the IBSE objectives and methods (1 hour). See Fiche didactique.
  • lab activity n°1 and discussion about the results and methods (2 hours)
  • lab activity n°2 (2 hours)
  • how to build an evaluation test on the lab activities of the day (1 hour)

2nd day:

  • Discussion on how the IBSE activities of the first day have been tried with the teachers' classes. What are the difficulties ? What kind of assessment test of the IBSE methods have the teachers tried ? (1 hour)
  • Lab n°3 (2.5 hours)
  • Lab n°4 (2.5 hours)
  • Post questionnaire filling (30 min)
  • The Experimental activities will be related to Food for Science topics. 

Trainings 2015



 Training 1                    06/02/2015; 02/04/2015  Nivelles
 Training 2                          26/02/2015; 08/05/2015  Bruxelles
 Training 3  06/03/2015; 07/05/2015  Liège
 Training 4  03/04/2015; 04/06/2015  Namur
 Training 5  23/04/2015; 05/06/2015  Arlon
 Training 6  04/05/2015; 18/05/2015  Bruxelles
 Training 7  24/07/2015; 30/07/2015  Bruxelles