Aleksandra Kwiek, Poland


School: Middle Small School in Szopa/ Mała Szkoła w Szopie

Subject and Grade Taught: Biology, Chemistry with students 13-15 years

Years Teaching: Five years

Participation in Amgen Teach programme: National training and the 15th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

Aleksandra is a Polish teacher, who has recently joined the Amgen Teach Community. When asked about how Amgen Teach enhanced her confidence and ability to use inquiry-based science education in her classroom, she explains, "I learnt how to combine my two subjects, biology and chemistry, in one lesson. I now feel stronger as a teacher."

Aleksandra also highlights the fact that after her training she discovered new ways to use everyday kitchen equipment in the classroom. "The second important thing that I've learnt from Amgen was how to use my domestic things in my work, how to change expensive reagents for cheaper ones. Now I use more ingredients for my lessons and I take them from our school kitchen," she explains.

Currently, her students are engaged in various projects, such as making pills from algae. Aleksandra points out "When I wear my white tunic (lab uniform), the students ask me what we are going to make today? They want to learn! They want to see, not to read. This is amazing! Chemistry has a reputation of being hard to learn, but my students want to join me after the lesson and carry out more experiments."