John Loughlin, Ireland


School: St. Joseph's College, Galway

Subject and Grade Taught: Biology with students 15-18 years

Years Teaching: 11 years

Participation in Amgen Teach programme: National training in Galway

John is an Irish biology teacher, who has been part of the Amgen Teach Community since the beginning of the programme.

When asked about how Amgen Teach has enhanced his ability to use IBSE in the classroom, John explains, "I attended the workshop and learnt about the simple pieces of equipment that can be used by students to learn the basics of DNA profiling. I brought this to my Biology students in my school and showed them the basic techniques involved in DNA profiling as well as helpful videos on the procedure. As a school, we are now in the process of purchasing the kits needed to carry out our own DNA profiling experiments. This would not have been possible without help and funding from the Amgen Foundation and the expertise of the investigators and outreach scientists based in UCD."

John also highlights the fact that Amgen Teach is "a great initiative in promoting the importance of biochemical techniques amongst our young Biology students. It has given me the opportunity to upskill in the area of IBSE. The Amgen Teach workshop used a mock crime scene scenario to teach the technique of DNA profiling. This has helped to better engage my Biology students."

Currently, John's students have started learning about this technique. "Their natural curiosity, combined with the opportunity to learn about solving crimes, has enabled them to become further engaged with their study of Biology."