Simonetta Soro, Italy


School: Secondary School in Rome

Subject and Grade Taught: Chemistry with students 14-18 years

Years Teaching: 11 years

Participation in Amgen Teach programme: National training

Simonetta is an experienced chemistry teacher, who joined the Amgen Teach Community at the beginning of the programme.

When asked how Amgen Teach has enhanced her confidence and ability to use inquiry-based science education in her classroom, she responds by saying, "Amgen Teach has given me the opportunity to apply IBSE approach with students at high school and in subjects I believed to be so far removed from an inquiry approach. I learnt there is always an opportunity to start class with an engage and research question. Inquiry is a dynamic approach to learn and explore the world. A teacher who uses IBSE is a teacher who is learning from his students and from his own class."

Simonetta says that  Amgen Teach has positively impacted how she approaches teaching. "I plan my lesson in order to challenge students to think and question as well as to work together in the lab on a group project. I focus my attention on how my students learn instead of what they learn. I encourage students to research and make use of resources beyond the classroom and the school," she explains.

Currently, her students are engaged in various projects, where they can apply the IBSE approach, because as she points out "IBSE leads students to in-depth exploration of authentic and important topics. It uses performance-based assessments and encourages collaboration. It improves many different skills. Importantly, students ask questions of each other and of other teachers".