Christelle Rigal, France


Lycée Louis-le-Grand
Subject and Grade Taught:
Earth and Life Sciences, years 10th to 12th
Years Teaching:
Years in Amgen Teach community:
6 months

Participation in Amgen Teach programme:

  • Genome: dynamic and expression (national training)
  • Inquiry Based Science project about Water Quality (DLA, recorded session only)

"New ideas on how to teach science and practical skills" are how Christelle describes two of the great benefits Amgen Teach brings to her classes. An earth and life sciences teacher with nine years' experience.

Christelle became involved with Amgen Teach via a national training event in France, which has helped her in bringing inquiry-based teaching to her classes at the Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris. She also enjoyed the opportunity to meet other teachers interested in inquiry-based learning.

So far, she has participated in two major Amgen Teach a Distance Learning Activity and a face-to-face training. The first one was one focused on water quality, while the other looked at the dynamics of genomes and the expression of genes.

"During the face-to-face training on genomes, I learnt about microscopic techniques used by researchers to study meiosis in plants. Next year, I plan to use some of the images provided in this training to investigate meiosis with my students," she explains.