Kamil Březina, Czech Republic


Zikmund Winter Grammar School
Subject and Grade Taught:
Chemistry, II and III grades
Years Teaching:
Years in Amgen Teach community:
Participation in Amgen Teach programme:
national training, international workshop

A teacher for 12 years, Kamil has been active in the Amgen Teach community since it began. He teaches chemistry at the Zikmund Winter Grammar school in Rakovník and has taken part in an Amgen Teach national training course, as well as an international workshop. Since joining the programme, Kamil has benefited from meeting like-minded educators. And both he and his students now enjoy more engaging and interesting learning activities in the classroom. One experiment from the programme which Kamil specifically praises is Kitchen Chemistry, which was particularly appreciated by his students. Another occasion where Kamil's inquiry- based classes made an unforgettable impact was when a student suffering from an allergy was encouraged by his condition to study medical science and learn how the disease could be treated. Eventually he studied medicine. In addition to the opportunities for networking, Kamil believes one of the advantages of Amgen Teach is the large amount of material available to help bring the best in inquiry-based learning into the classroom. The material is available on the website, to access it, a simple registration on the portal is sufficient.