Astrid Melicharek, Austria


School: Billrotgymnasium 26-30, Wien

Subject and Grade Taught: Biology with student aged 10-19 years

Years Teaching: 15 years

Participation in Amgen Teach programme: National training in Vienna

Astrid is an Austrian biology teacher, who joined the Amgen Teach Community during the third year of the programme.

When asked about the Amgen Teach training she attended, Astrid describes an experiment from the training and says, "It was interesting even for us biology teachers. This was no easy task and we even got some of the results wrong." After the training, she presented the same experiment during her school's "Open Day", where potential future students come and visit the school.

Astrid believes that the new experiments she is sharing with her students will inspire them to "make their own experiments about everyday problems." She highlights that students get to appreciate the element of surprise because they do not know exactly what might happen next. "With my first graders, I conducted an experiment where two ice cubes are put in the sun – one without any packaging and one covered with some black material. The question was which cube would melt faster. The students were very surprised by the results."