Carles Sanchiz, Spain

Institut La Plana, Vic
Subject and Grade Taught:
Natural Sciences, Biology and Geology, Physics and Chemistry
Years Teaching:
24 years
Years in Amgen Teach community:
Participation in Amgen Teach programme:
National training and the 12th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab 

Carles is a teacher from Vic with more than 24 years of science education teaching experience. As a participant in the second year of Amgen Teach, he just finished training last February but has already been able to apply the methods learnt in his regular classes. 
Carles follows a constructivist approach to his lessons, developing experiments to challenge students' preconceptions and encourage their interest in science. To achieve this, Carles started introducing real-life scenarios connected to topics such as pollution, ecology and health sciences. He also encouraged some students to collaborate with a science research centre in Barcelona, which was also introduced during the Amgen Teach training.
Carles is also very excited about attending one of the coming DLAs, as he feels it will give him the opportunity to gain deeper insights into IBSE methodologies.