Angela Colli, Italy

Pavia University and CREA, Milan
Subject and Grade Taught:
Environmental Education, Biology and Chemistry.
Years Teaching:

Years in Amgen Teach community:
Participation in Amgen Teach programme:
National training with ANISN in Milan and the 12th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

Angela is an Italian teacher with 30 years of experience in both teaching and teacher training. After attending the Amgen Teach training in Milan, she started a project called "Feel good" in order to apply the IBSE methodology to environmental education. Angela explains, "We started with an interactive meeting where students were invited to ask questions and to reflect on the relationship between diet and environment." They then invited students to critically examine their own diet, using inquiry-based learning methodology. The final product was an "ecological" diet, a practical way to address the issues of sustainable development.
According to Angela, the Amgen Teach training enabled her to implement curriculum units and modules using the inquiry-based learning methodology, posing questions, problems or scenarios instead of simply presenting her students with established facts.  Commenting on the benefits, she says, "Students were more engaged in what they were learning. It offered a wider context for understanding the material rather than just hearing a lecture or memorising facts."
Angela regularly uses Amgen Teach materials, but has also produced her own resources. When asked  how Amgen Teach had helped her to engage students in new ways, she says, "I believe that teachers need to overcome the traditional way of teaching and encourage students to think differently, using a number of learning styles."