Tuncay Şakir, Turkey


School: Yusuf Demir Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi

Subject and Grade Taught: Biology with students 13-17 years

Years Teaching: 11 years

Participation in Amgen Teach programme: National training and the 15th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

Tuncay is an experienced biology teacher, who has recently joined the Amgen Teach Community.

When asked about how Amgen Teach has enhanced his confidence and ability to use inquiry-based science education in his classroom, Tuncay explains, "After the training, I realised I should be a guide for my students to help them construct scientific concepts for themselves. Adopting this new paradigm has made me feel much more comfortable in the classroom. I prepare a suitable environment or classroom atmosphere for my students to ask appropriate questions and find answers by themselves."

Tuncay also says that he learned "how to ask good questions in order to trigger the students to use their higher order thinking skills. I also learned how I can motivate my students to construct good quality questions in order to realize conceptual learning."

Currently, his students are engaged in various projects, where Tuncay can apply the IBSE approach. "Now, I challenge them to learn concepts only by asking several questions. Then, I ask them to find an experimental protocol to prove what they claim about the concept. I do not help them to find an experiment to show the theory behind the concept. I just guide them to find related steps for the experiment. I tell them I am ready to provide any substances or instruments they need to perform the experiment. The students analyse data they get at the end of experiment and evaluate the results and reach a conclusion," he explains.