Tunahan Oncel, Turkey


School: Kumluca Ataturk Ortaokulu

Subject and Grade Taught: Elementary Science with students 11-14 years

Years Teaching: 14 years

Participation in Amgen Teach programme: National training

Tunahan is an experienced science teacher, who joined the Amgen Teach Community during the second year of the programme.

When asked about how Amgen Teach has enhanced his confidence and ability to use inquiry-based science education in his classroom, Tunahan explains, "I can say that two things encouraged me to implement this method in my classroom. Firstly, I found the opportunity to observe how the process works as a learner and a teacher during the training period. I was able to get an idea about the kinds of situations that I could come across in the classroom via the pedagogical discussions that we had during training. Secondly, the trainers continued to provide support to us after the training period. So, I was very much encouraged and got quick feedback, which helped me to advance and provide effective solutions in my classroom."

Tunahan adds, "I now think about  how to better structure the learning process. I can guide my students on how to acquire and interrogate knowledge and  present it in the classroom. Now, I believe that my students are finally experiencing real, deep, long-lasting  learning."

Currently, his students are engaged in various projects, where Tunahan can apply the IBSE approach, because as he points out, "I observed that by adopting the inquiry-based approach, my students learn about the difference in the directions of electricity and electron flow. They can set up an experiment by themselves to find out the answers to the questions that they are curious about. By analysing the data, they can arrive at a conclusion. They can discuss their conclusions with their friends in a scientific way. I also observed that some of my students, who were very unwilling to learn science, became much more active after I started to implement inquiry-based science education in my classroom."