Deniz Aydemir, Turkey


School: Ted Aliaga Koleji Vakfi Ozel Ortaokulu

Subject and Grade Taught: Students 10-14 years

Years Teaching: 11 years

Participation in Amgen Teach programme: National training

Deniz is an experienced Turkish teacher, who has recently joined the Amgen Teach Community.

When asked about how Amgen Teach has enhanced her confidence and ability to use inquiry-based science education in her classroom, she explains, "Before Amgen Teach I was preparing the experiments on my own, while the students were just watching. Sometimes, I was telling them what t to do and then I was preparing the environment for the experiment. However, when I started to implement inquiry-based science education in my classroom, I observed that my students could design much more creative experiments and make measurements in order to find answers to their questions and to support their claims."

Deniz adds, "As a teacher, I would say that my perception about my responsibilities has changed. I am trying to steer away from a model that provides information to students and makes them accept it unconditionally. Rather than trying to persuade them to accept results, I try to make them question the knowledge and think about its meaning. I ask more questions and I allow my students to ask more questions. By creating discussions in the class, I try to make my students arrive at results by themselves. I also find myself advancing in terms of implementing inquiry-based science education in my classroom. I love this feeling that I am improving my teaching."

Currently, her students are engaged in various projects, where Deniz can apply the IBSE approach, because as she points out, "The students enjoy coming to the science lab. Sometimes, they even come with a question they are personally curious about or they come to find the answer to a question they have been asked."