Petr Distler, Czech Republic


Gymnazium Altis, Prague

Subject and Grade Taught:

Chemistry, 6-13 Grade

Years Teaching:

3 years

Years in Amgen Teach community:


Participation in Amgen Teach programme:
National trainings, DLA7 and the 12th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab


Peter is a Chemistry teacher from Prague, who has participated in the full range Amgen Teach activities since his enrollment in the programme last year.
During the training sessions, Peter had an opportunity to watch and try out a wide selection of chemical experiments and inquiry-based teaching tasks. He shared experiences of his own classes and after each module, discussed the course content with other participants. When he returned to school. he realized that not only had be become confident in using all sort of new classroom materials, but also that he now knew what to emphasise during the lessons to make the content more attractive to students.
"In my opinion, the students seemed to appreciate the practical, hands-on activities. Thanks to Amgen Teach, I now conduct new activities during my classes which provide the students with more practical examples that are directly connected to the curriculum."
As for the Distance Learning Activities (DLAs), Peter likes the fact that he can access pre-prepared teaching resources on IBSE with details of the schools' experiences as well as evaluation materials, all created and presented by a working teacher.