Róisín Uí Choinn, Ireland


Coláiste Oiriall, Muineachán

Subject and Grade Taught:

Science (Junior Cert), Biology and Physics (Leaving Cert)

Years Teaching:

14 years

Years in Amgen Teach community:


Participation in Amgen Teach programme:

National Training conducted by PDST for Inquiry Based Learning using Sensors & SEAI Energy Workshop and the 12th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

This Irish teacher attended her Amgen Teach course in May 2016 and has already been able to apply many examples of the workshop to her teaching: "The main change I have made is in how I carry out energy, heat light and sound experiments, all of which feature strongly in our syllabus. I now set up six to eight stations with a different experiment at each station and the students go around with a worksheet (as we teachers did at the Amgen Teach workshop) and fill in the information needed and carry out the experiment themselves safely. The entire approach is inquiry-based. I must say that this approach has been a real success. I save time in class, it means that we do not need the same amount of equipment and the students learn through fun activities."
Róisín has also learned how argumentation can be effective in science teaching. In fact, she uses the argumentation workshop in her biology class to help students identify the different kingdoms. "I show the students an amoeba under a microscope and the students argue whether it is a plant, fungus, animal etc."
Before the workshop, Róisín used demonstrations during her science lessons due to the limited equipment and time constraints. Now, each student has the chance to explore the different apparatus themselves and draw their own conclusions. According to Róisín, the student feedback has been very positive.