Özlem Ortak Kilinç, Turkey


Afet İnan Orta Okulu

Subject and Grade Taught:

Science 6th, 7th, 8th grade

Years Teaching:

10 years

Years in Amgen Teach community:


Participation in Amgen Teach programme:

National training at TED University and the 12th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

Özlem is an experienced Turkish teacher, who has been enrolled in Amgen Teach since year 1.
When asked about the Amgen Teach activities organised in her country, she responded by saying, "The training was very useful. At university, they teach you inquiry-based methods, but the theoretical knowledge you learn is not enough for real teaching on the ground. The reality was that we were not fully prepared to apply those methods at school with our students. Amgen Teach provides me with real life applications and methods to apply  in my lessons".
Özlem said that before her training, she did not use group work during her lessons. However, after the course, she really understood the importance of cooperative learning. This, combined with the introduction of ICT to enrich learning and the daily reporting of students, made her lessons very effective and time efficient while enabling students to self-assess their performance and feel in control of their learning.
Currently, her students spend most of their time conducting lab-based activities: applying, analysing and creating. They produce new learning materials, develop new products and present their results within their group. "This semester my students really liked the new teaching methods. They felt they owned  their personal learning process."