Petra Menova, Czech Republic

Picture Petra Menova, Czech Republic


School: GRG 16 Maroltingergasse

Subject and Grade Taught: High School Chemistry; 15–19 age group

Years' Teaching: Eight years

Participation in Amgen Teach: One year

Petra is a young high school teacher, who has just joined the Amgen Teach Community.

When asked about Amgen Teach, she said, "Chemistry is not usually a very popular subject and students tend to memorise facts, failing to realise that chemistry is an inseparable part of our lives. Since joining the Amgen Teach community, I have started to involve the students much more in my classes."

Lesson delivery has also been influenced. Petra explains, "I now let students realise how things work from their own real-life experience. They started coming up with their own ideas about what to try and what they had observed at home. For instance, using baking soda to make a fluffy omelette, using red cabbage juice, mixed with vinegar dressing or washing-up liquid, to change colours and using commercial pancreatic enzymes  to decompose starch."

Petra wants to share Amgen Teach with all her colleagues, as she believes that "the only way to have highly motivated and passionate students is to have highly motivated and passionate teachers, who are willing to transform the classic dull science lessons into a lot of fun."