Ayşegül Çelik, Turkey

Ayşegül Çelik Case Study Turkey


School: Serdivan Şehit Yılmaz Ercan AİHL

Subject and Grade Taught: High School Physics; 15-18 age group

Years' Teaching: Three years

Participation in Amgen Teach: One year

Ayşegül is a high school physics teacher, who has recently joined the Amgen Teach Community.

When asked about Amgen Teach and her current ability to use inquiry-based science education in her classroom, Ayşegül responded by saying, "I learned the importance of asking the right questions and how to combine the part of science that I enjoy with inquiry-based physics."

Not only has her teaching method changed, but she is also seeing a new dynamic in the classroom. "I'm starting to bring material into the classroom and organise group discussions. My students work together on groups presentations and are experiencing peer learning as part of the programme. Furthermore, she adds, "Communication with my students has strengthened as well as their overall interest in physics."

Interestingly, Ayşegül has also started collaborating with other teachers, "We have been discussing how we can best integrate the Amgen Teach inquiry-based system into our curriculum."