Ondrej Simunek, Czech Republic


School: Gymnazium Opatov, Praha

Subject and Grade Taught: High School Chemistry;14–15 age group

Years' Teaching: One year

Participation in Amgen Teach: Two years

Ondrej is a high school teacher, who joined the Amgen Teach Community two years ago.

When asked about Amgen Teach, he said, "The most important and valuable lesson I got from Amgen Teach is that it's not hard to integrate inquiry-based teaching into my lessons. It can also be applied to chemistry across the board, regardless of topic. The only thing that the teacher needs to do is find the right tool for the students to discover something."

The delivery of his lessons has also been positively influenced. "Before, I used to mainly rely on a lecture-like approach with occasional use of textbooks or workbooks. Now, I engage the students, keep them active and make them hungry for new discoveries."

As a result, Amgen Teach has helped him to better engage with the students. "Thanks to Amgen Teach, I now have a lot of new ideas on how to exploit cooperative education, problem-based learning and interactive quizzes. Many of the associated activities make the students really eager to problem solve."