Welcome to the Distance Learning Activities

What are Distance Learning Activities (DLA)?

DLAs are short and intensive online learning sessions of 5 days duration consisting of both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

There will be 4 DLAs per academic year and the topics will be relevant to the area of Life Science and Inquiry Based Learning.

When possible the DLAs will be offered in various languages; English, Polish, and Turkish.

How do teachers become involved in the DLAs?

Day 1. – Pre live session (familiarisation)

In the dedicated online space participants introduce themselves in a forum.

The expert introduces the topic and some related references (either text, web resources or video) teachers need to read.

Day 2. - Synchronous Live session (WebEx)

The expert supported by an EUN moderator, gives a live presentation of 45 – 60 min. on the topic of the DLA, with live Q& A session afterwards.

Day 3 & 4.

During these days, in the DLA linked community, the expert poses 2- 3 leading questions and/or tasks for the participants to discuss or carry out. A help section is provided for assistance.

Day 5.

The session ends with either a general synchronous discussion or a summary presentation in the DLA space, in which the expert reviews the topic, picks out relevant points from the discussion and invites the participants to share their own experiences and discuss relevant resources.

These timings may vary slightly. For example the live Webinar may take place on Day 3 with and extension of a day or so at the end to allow for reaction to key questions.


After the DLA

After the DLA, EUN will provide the Trainer Providers with a list of successfully participating teachers and will also provide a certificate template for the Training Providers to send to their successful candidates.