STEM Cells Biology and Planarian Regeneration

23-27 February 2015

STEM cells biology and planarian regeneration - Daniela Sanges and Marta Solís

Stem cells biology – talk

he stem cells biology talk will be given by Daniela Sanges, CRG expert in the field. The aims of the talk are to refresh concepts of stem cells and to explain the nowadays science in this field by giving an example of a research in progress at the centre, which will be easy to explain afterwords in the classroom.

Planarian regeneration – experiment to do in the classroom

The experiment consists on the study of the patterns of regeneration in planarian by conducting a regeneration experiment. Basically, after cutting the planarian in different types of cuts, the animals will regenerate themselves after two or three weeks thanks to their ability to "re-grow" lost body parts. Planarian have been the subject of many studies because of their unusual ability to regenerate. The speaker will explain and carry out the experiment. This experiment is easy to do in the classroom and very illustrative for stem cells understanding.

*We are working on finding a resource that can distribute to Europe the planarian regeneration experiment material, so that the participants could buy it for the classroom.

More About the Expert

Dr. Daniela Sanges is an Associate Researcher at Center of Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona, Spain. She received her PhD in Medical Genetics in 2008 discussing a thesis on the molecular mechanisms that lead to retinal degeneration and on possible therapeutic strategies to cure the disease. She is an expert on neural regeneration and of Stem Cell Biology. In particular, her work is focused on the new groundbreaking field of Reprogramming somatic cells to pluripotency. She is investigating the reprogramming processes that could occurs in the body and that could represent the basis for tissue regeneration.

In this course, she will introduce the major concepts of stem cell biology and reprogramming, both exiting and controversy hot topics of the scientific debate of the last decade. These concepts will be fundamental to introduce the field of tissue regeneration, the main topic of the course. In particular, she will explore the possibility to perform a regeneration experiment in the classroom using Planarias, organisms able to completely regenerate after cuts.

Webinar Presentation

This is Dr Daniela's Sanges' presentation from the live webinar on the 24 February