Exploration of the Respiratory Activity

08 - 12 June 2015

Différenciation des commandes automatique et volontaire de la ventilation, régulation fonctionnelle selon les activités engagées (ex: toux, parole, activité physique) et conditionnement respiratoire.

Au cours de la DLA l'experte proposera des moyens simples dans lesquels les concepts peuvent être testés dans la salle de classe en utilisant des matériaux simples et facilement disponibles.

More About the Expert

Estelle Durand has begun her research in ethology by observing social insects while studying at the University of Tours. Then she has focused on molecular and cellular biology to study the mechanisms of ocular pain at the Neuroscience Institute of Alicante in Spain. 15 years ago, she started working with newborn or young rodents considered as study models for children's diseases. Estelle has carried out her research at Inserm in Paris, she founded and chaired a start-up, PhenoPups, a company specializing in the pediatric preclinical services based at the Robert Debré Hospital in Paris. Today Estelle has specialized in the study of neonatal development and the development of non-invasive methodologies for exploring in vivo.