DLA #9 Schedule

Days 1&2 – Pre-live forum discussion (familiarization) – 13th & 14th Feb

In the dedicated online space participants introduce themselves in a forum.

The expert introduces him/herself, the topic and some related references (either text, web resources or video) teachers need to read. (all this is text or a video or a mixture)

Day 3 - Synchronous Live session (WebEx) – 15th Feb

The expert supported by an EUN moderator, gives a live presentation of 45 – 60 min. on the topic of the DLA, with live discussion afterwards.

20:00-21:00 UCT/GMT - Turkish Time Zone (18:00-19:00 CET - Central European Time)

Day 4 – Forum discussion – 16th Feb

During these days, in the DLA linked community, the expert poses 2- 3 leading questions and/or tasks for the participants to discuss or carry out. A help section is provided for assistance.

Day 5 – Forum discussion – 17th Feb

The session ends with a general discussion where the expert reviews the topic, picks out relevant points from the discussion and invites the participants to share their own experiences and discuss relevant resources.

*Please note that the official language of DLA9 will be Turkish.