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  • Share pictures of your class implementing some Enquiry based learning activities, or some pictures of your face-to-face training.

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DLA #12 TANIŞMA MERHABA Pınar Uçan 2 123 Date: 27/03/18 22:24
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Training Materials HÜLYA BAL 52 3455 Date: 08/02/18 09:49 RSS (Opens New Window)
bu sayfada amaç nedir? BÜLENT DAL 16 779 Date: 07/02/18 15:30 RSS (Opens New Window)
Deutsches Museum - Teacher Training Biotechnology - 23/24 Juni 2016 Peter Schüßler 5 3034 Date: 31/01/18 07:42 RSS (Opens New Window)
Laboratory layout Inspiration Waiting for an Answer Róisín Uí Choinn 45 3428 Date: 25/01/18 06:45 RSS (Opens New Window)
STEM practises Norbert Riquelme 14 3015 Date: 21/01/18 00:55 RSS (Opens New Window)
Technology in your classroom ozlem kilinc 6 2533 Date: 07/11/17 11:13 RSS (Opens New Window)
IBSE SIEĆ - dyskusja Łukasz Sporny 58 1588 Date: 23/10/17 18:07 RSS (Opens New Window)
BIOLOGIA Przemysław Daszyński 10 809 Date: 16/10/17 23:39 RSS (Opens New Window)
Good practise on school industry collaboration tiina kähärä 4 2393 Date: 14/07/17 03:47 RSS (Opens New Window)
How can you be an active member of Amgen Teach? Xanthie Chouliara 96 3126 Date: 26/06/17 02:45 RSS (Opens New Window)
merhaba Fethi ahmet Öner 5 661 Date: 12/06/17 22:39 RSS (Opens New Window)
Moscerini Maria Costanza Marino 1 470 Date: 29/04/17 22:06
By: Maria Costanza Marino
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Razem znaczy lepiej! - materiały z zajęć Łukasz Sporny 2 1035 Date: 25/04/17 09:40
By: Bożena Bakuła
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chemia Bożena Bakuła 1 534 Date: 25/04/17 09:28
By: Bożena Bakuła
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IBSE SIEĆ - wnioski Łukasz Sporny 7 693 Date: 13/04/17 12:31 RSS (Opens New Window)
DLA10 moleCOOLar kitchen - kuchnia moleCOOLarna po polsku Łukasz Sporny 10 961 Date: 12/04/17 23:34
By: Marzena Fedorowicz
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A Portuguese teacher may participate in the formation of Amgen? Carlos Ribeiro 9 2831 Date: 09/04/17 10:36
By: Łukasz Sporny
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IBSE SIEĆ - zasoby Łukasz Sporny 11 1043 Date: 09/04/17 05:37 RSS (Opens New Window)
AMGEN Polska - zdjęcia z zajęć Łukasz Sporny 1 523 Date: 08/04/17 10:31
By: Łukasz Sporny
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