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Recommendations for the 3rd year of training provided by Amgen?

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How can Amgen improve in its 3rd year? What would you like to see added or changed? We'd love to hear your opinions!

With the 7th Amgen Distance Learning Activity I have had a lot of difficulties to understand the speech of the speaker. Please, the next year selects experts that can be understood easily by teachers all around Europe.

Thank you for your feedback! We will keep this mind for our next Distance Learning Activity. 

Today I received all the posts of the forums by email, also I have seen that the rss feeds works fine. I really appreciate your efforts to make this forum usefull. A limit that I see is in the complexity to participate. I can read all by email but I can't reply by email: I must login and reply on the web, I suppose it's the same to stay in touch with new discussions. SO I suggest you to emprouve the forums maybe using third part options like the new google spaces. Or alternatively to impruving the usability of these forums. I think also that the forums would have more possibilities of success if strongly linked to the formation released by Amgen Teach, the web is full of repositories for science teachers but it lacks of something related to science formation for Europeean teacher communities. We need more integration in Europe and the option to exchange direct experiences but it is necessary a mediation action by Amgen to avoid dispersive discussions and to orient it to strong themes (possibly related to Europe or to Amgen teach formation)

Thank you Gianni for your incredibly useful feedback! We especially love your excellent suggestion to use Google Spaces - a new service by Google that would make bringing together people with similar interests a lot easier. We will look into how we can make this happen and hopefully this way we could engage more teachers from across Europe!

Have you had any experiences with Google Spaces? What did you use it for? How do you find the interface? Share your experiences with us!

The PROs are that it's really simple to use, it can be read by the smartphone app, it lets to share files.
The CONs are that it's not moderated so everyone can post spam (but I hope this issue will be correct), it require a google account, it doesnt has an rss feed.

Greetings from Poland!
participation in "AMGEN" trainings is the best way for the exchange of experiences between teachers from our country. 
Maybe in the next edition would be a good idea to organizing an international conference? if possible, with all our heart, we invite you to meet Polish "together is better"!

what do You think about it?

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