France - Maison pour la Science

The Maisons pour la Science network is made up of 9 Houses for Science from September 2015. The network is coordinated by its national centre, the Fondation La main à la pâte.

The aim is to help teachers bring innovation to their science teaching practices. Each House caters to its own region, offering professional development courses to teachers from kindergarten to the final year of middle school who teach science and technology in their classes.

The Maison pour la Science is focusing on:

  • Allowing teachers to stay up-to-date with science and technology programs for schools
  • A coherent vision of experimental and observation sciences and mathematics
  • Practicing inquiry-based learning
  • Bringing the educational, scientific and industrial communities closer together


Face to Face Trainings in France


Trainings 2018/2019



Brain and learning: The memory 21/12/2018 Centre satellite de Tours
The bacterial flora in the production and conservation of food  17-18/01/2019 Centre-Val de Loire


Trainings 2017/2018



Vaccine and vaccination 09/02/2018 Rennes
Plant-Insect interactions 17-18/05/2018 Orléans
The bacterial flora in the production and conservation of food 14-15/06/2018  Orléans


Trainings 2016/2017



Ferments and probiotics: microorganism at our service 14-15/11/2016 Palaiseau
When life Inspires Chemists 16-17/01/2017 Paris
Brain and learning 16-17/01/2017 Paris
The bee workshop 30-31/03/2017 Orléans
Man and Biodiversity 18-19/05/2017 Gif-sur-Yvette
Male, Female, Man, Woman, what can science say about it? 22-23/05/2017 Lyon



Trainings 2015/2016



Unity and diversity of genetic information   

01-02/12/2015  Toulouse

Diversity in the living world: what can genetic tell us   

07-08/12/2015  Toulouse
When life Inspires Chemists  18-19/01/2016    Paris
 From the eye to the brain    25-26/02/2016 Strasbourg

Man and Biodiversity  

19-20/05/2016  Paris

At the heart of the extreme scientific research 





Trainings 2014/2015



 Microorganisms: friends or foes? 15-16/01/2015 and 16-17/03/2015  Strasbourg
 Genome: dynamics and expression 27-28/01/2015  Versailles
 Getting to know our immune system February 2015  Toulouse
 Diversity in the living world: what can genetics tell us? 5-6/02/2015 and 16-17/03/2015  Strasbourg
 Molecular gastronomy April 2015  Toulouse