Distance Learning Activity #11 was a success!

The 11th Distance Learning Activity from Amgen Teach ended on 28th January, with many teachers from across Europe sharing their experience and opinions on their ways to actively address the development of scientific knowledge and the very nature of the knowledge itself.


The discussion was moderated by Christian Bertsch, professor of Science Education at the University of Teacher Education in Vienna.

More than 100 teachers registered to participate in the DLA followed its development over the course of the week. During the first days of the DLA, teachers introduced themselves and shared their experience with teaching science and interest in improving their methods. Many of them actively posted in the discussion page of the DLA!

Before the webinar, Christian Bertsch introduced activities and resources to the participants.

You can watch the whole live session below:

More than 50 teachers were very active in sharing their opinion and trying to solve the mysteries posed by the moderator. They applied their knowledge of biology and zoology and discussed each other's arguments against or in favor of certain suggestions. 

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