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The activity will take place on 26 February - 2 March 2018, with a live webinar on 28th February 2018 with the expert Prof. Dr. Murat Guneldirector of Education Workshop, within Development Workshop in Turkey. Language: Turkish

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About the DLA:

Inquiry based science education supports students' learning through their ideas produced at the end of the inquiry-based learning process that they have experienced. From this point of view,  the basis of science learning lies in argumentation and inquiry based learning. In this learning period, it is important to use oral and written language practices for conceptual and meaningful learning (Hand ve Keys, 1999). Studies revealed that the use of language practices to learn-especially writing to learn activities- improves individuals' ideas, conceptual change, communication skills and study skills. Besides these improvements, it is shown that the use of language practices to learn provides transformation of naive ideas into more consistent and well-founded knowledge. Moreover, writing to learn activities supports permanence of scientific knowledge and help to corroborate new ideas. However, the efficiency of writing to learn activities depends on the teachers' pedagogy and the quality of the learning environment. As the inquiry-based science learning processes enable students to construct their knowledge, share and discuss their ideas, it promotes writing to learn activities. From this point of view, the relationship between the inquiry-based science learning approach and writing to learn activities will be mentioned in this session of the DLA. The main aim of the session is to notice the points to take into consideration in order to use writing to learn activities effectively. During the session, example of  writing to learn activities (lecture notes, creating posters, writing letters and descriptive texts etc.) will be shared and implementation oriented suggestions will be discussed.

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