Amgen Teach is launching a brand new MOOC!

The ‘Inquiry Based Teaching in Life Sciences' MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is meant to enhance life sciences teachers' pedagogical competencies and practices, and improve their conceptual understanding of life science to help them further establish and disseminate Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE).


The MOOC will offer a selection of tested, classroom activities and resources from various European countries to empower life science teachers (12-19 year old students) in introducing IBSE methodologies in the classroom and help them reflect on their own practices.

Key objectives

In this MOOC, participants will:

·         Experience Inquiry as an adult learner

·         Acquire the skills and confidence to implement Inquiry Based Teaching in the classroom

·         Learn how to reflect on their own teaching practice

·         Enhance their personal and their students' conceptual understanding of life sciences

·         Explore various formal and informal assessment approaches for Inquiry

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The ‘Inquiry Based Teaching in Life Sciences' MOOC will launch on Monday, 12th March 2018, and online registration is already open here. The course will run for 6.5 weeks, with a total of five modules (one module per week) and an extra 1.5 grace week at the end of the course to ensure participants have adequately covered all modules. The workload is estimated to be approximately three to four hours per week.