The 4th year International Workshop at the FCL is just around the corner...

Amgen Teach launched once again a competition for the teachers involved in the 2017-2018 trainings.


The prize for the winners is a trip to Brussels to attend the Amgen Teach 4th year International Workshop, taking place during the weekend of the 15-17 June 2018.

Participants will expand their knowledge on IBSE methods, network with fellow international colleagues and exchange best practices.

This year's winners are:

  1. Katharina Leitner
  2. Ondrej Simunek
  3. Petra Menova
  4. Miryam Winters
  5. Federica Minucci
  6. Marta Panisi
  7. Grażyna Armatys
  8. Renata Sidoruk- Soloducha
  9. Sylwia Kościkiewicz-Gryc
  10. Jordi Prims
  11. Joan Verdaguer-Codina
  13. Fethi  Ahmet ÖNER
  14. Gökçe DEMİRHAN
  15. Merve Cin

This event will be held under the umbrella of Science Projects Workshops at the Future Classroom Lab, and includes activities such as workshops and presentations sharing views on STEM Education!

For more information on last year's Science Projects Workshop, click here!