First Amgen Teach Leadership Meeting with training providers

On 28. June, Amgen Teach met with representatives from four of its training providers - Experimentarium (Belgium), La Main à la Pâte (France), Deutsche Museum (Germany), and the Professional Development Service for Teachers (Ireland).

Participants spent the day discussing the progress made by the initiative so far, as well as their plans for future development during the 3rd year of the project's run.

Upcoming activities for the 3rd year were also on the forefront of the agenda, with the participants reviewing topics for future Distance Learning Activities and workshops. They also exchanged ideas for effective online community building through the newly available Amgen Teach online forum, which encourages conversations among teachers participating in the programme.

Finally, training provider representatives also had the opportunity to use the new Amgen Teach resource repository and added their own materials for teachers. They responded positively to the resource upload process and began adding their own materials.

Amgen Teach will have another meeting with representatives from the remaining six training providers (Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey), the Amgen Foundation and an external evaluator on 12. and 13. July, in which the same topics and plans will be discussed and the resource repository will be expanded. For more information, contact us at