Interview with Dr. Christian Bertsch for the CURE magazine

Dr. Christian Bertsch, Professor of Science Education at the Vienna University of Education, explains the benefits of research learning and how Amgen Teach can help teachers.

Dr. Christian Bertsch was interviewed by the CURE magazine, which is released twice a year with Der Standard newspaper in Austria.

"The Austrian companies that are active in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) have problems with finding enough qualified young employees for research and development. The interest in scientific disciplines among our students is unfortunately low, even though there are many professional and personal opportunities for young people here. The interest can only be aroused by inspiring STEM lessons, which motivate the students to deal with exciting research questions independently," Dr. Christian Bertsch said in the interview.

Dr. Christian Bertsch further explains the benefits of Amgen Teach programme and how it developed in the past years: "The programme has been running successfully in Austria since 2014, and so far 350 secondary school teachers have used the training. At the beginning, the offer was broadly directed to all teachers of chemistry and biology. Last year, we have reached new biology teachers from Vienna who have started to teach in schools. This means that they get in touch with innovative didactics right from the start of their work and can ideally implement them in the classroom immediately."

Read the full interview in German here.