Turkish Amgen Teach Teacher receives recognition!

Our Amgen Teach teacher, Nuray Akbulut, was accepted by the International Conference on Education in Mathematics, Science & Technology (ICEMST) in which theoretical and practical issues regarding the fields of science education, mathematics education, information and communication technologies were shared.


In her paper, entitled as "The Function and Importance of Amgen Project in Science Education Supported by European Union", our teacher aimed to provide information regarding AmgenTeach project and to put forward the importance of the project in science learning-teaching process for her as a practitioner.

In this respect, as participating in the ICEMST conference on May 19-22, 2016 in Bodrum, Turkey, Akbulut found an opportunity to share her knowledge and experience regarding AmgenTeach project with academicians, students, and administrators from different countries. In her presentation, our teacher also mentioned workshops that are held in Brussels by European SchoolNet periodically for more teachers to benefit from the project.