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Apply to participate in the 9th Distance Leaning Activity on Measurement and Assessment in Argument Based Inquiry . The activity will take place on 13-17 February 2017, with a live webinar with expert Prof. Dr. Murat Gunel on 15 February. Language: Turkish


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Evaluating the learning outcomes in an inquiry based science learning setting requires understanding of what conceptual learning and student centered teaching are. Further, argument as a vital practice for doing science and science inquiry calls for an authentic measurement and assessment framework to triangulate instruction, pedagogy and learning outcomes of the students. Thus, this DLA activity will target to briefly delineate the holistic nature of instruction, pedagogy and learning as well as to outline various authentic measurement and evaluation tools in the argument based inquiry approach within science education. Evaluating conceptual understanding through open-ended questions, rubric-matrices and writing-to-learn tools are going to be teased out. Exemplary tools will be shared and discussed during the DLA.

DLA9 will be held in Turkish.

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