Stem Discovery Week 2019

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Amgen Teach winners for the SDW19 competition


The competition organised by Amgen Teach within the framework of the STEM Discovery Week 2019 invited Amgen Teach expert teachers to participate by creating lesson plans focused on Inquiry-based Science Education (IBSE). Our expert teachers have participated in the Amgen Teach programme over the years and have become experienced in implemented IBSE in the classroom. As forerunners of their communities, they were asked to design a lesson in IBSE that other teachers can make good use of. 3 winners were selected, based on the best plans to implement IBSE in a science lesson.

Our 3 winners are:

  • Joan Verdaguer (Spain)
  • Aytun Aydin (Turkey)
  • Ayşegül Tanrıverdi (Turkey)

The winners attended the 30th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab (#SPW30) co-organised by Scientix, SYSTEMIC, Next-Lab, STEM Alliance and AmgenTeach on 14 - 15 June 2019.

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