Turkish Amgen Teach Teachers Shared their “Different” Training Experience in a National Teacher Conference

Country in Focus Article #1: Tunahan Oncel and Dilek Yildirim are Turkish teachers who participated in the third year Amgen Teach Trainings and disseminated the project and training activities as mentor teachers and presenters at the Turkish Science Teachers' Summit.

As they discussed the structure and impact of the Turkish Amgen Teach Trainings, they also held a workshop about an exemplary inquiry-based science activity they have learned and implemented in their classrooms. The workshop included rich discussions about pedagogical approaches to implement and manage hands-on inquiry activities aligning with their own classroom experiences with inquiry-based learning.

About Science Teachers' Sharing Summit: "Share you difference"

The Science Teachers' Sharing Summit is one of the popular national conferences, which has been organized by the Association of Turkish Science Teacher and has taken place in Turkey over the last 7 years. The summit is an annual gathering of Turkish Science Teachers and academics in the field of education across the country. The aim of the summit is to give science teachers the opportunity to share their teaching experiences that make a difference in their students' learning with their colleagues and academics. In the meetings, participants discuss their ideas about teaching and learning along with workshops, seminars and panels.