Grażyna Armatys, Poland


School: Szkoła Podstawowa w Starych Żukowicach

Subject and Grade Taught: Chemistry and biology. Age group: 11-15

Years' Teaching: 16 years

Participation in Amgen Teach: Two years

Grażyna is an elementary school teacher, who has been part of the Amgen Teach Community for the last two years.

When asked how Amgen Teach has enhanced her confidence, she says, "Amgen Teach training has given me the strength and inspiration to develop innovative chemistry classes at school." She added that she has applied 100% of the training within her classes, and that the "ideas shared during the course have allowed me to use a variety of methodologies and working tools."

As Grażyna works in three different schools, she is eager to implement and share what she has learnt with others. According to Grażyna, "participating in training also means meeting new teachers and exchanging our professional experiences."