Games For Learning And Stem Education: The Experience Of Amgen Teach @YOMO

The Amgen Teach project was presented in the first edition of YoMo, the Youth Mobile Festival (27/2-2/3) in Barcelona, where over 11,000 children and 3,000 educators attended over 4 days.

During the event, Marina Jiménez Iglesias, Project Officer at European Schoolnet, presented the Amgen Teach project and provided with an overview of the project main activities and available resources. Target audience of this talk was teachers, teacher educators, multipliers and institutions engaged in teacher professional development, policy makers, and gaming industry.

The presentation focused on the various types of teacher training offered by the project, both online and face to face. In particular, a review of the different Distant Learning Activities (DLA's) as well as of the rest of didactic resources offered through the AmgenTeach online teachers' community (including teachers' testimonials, teacher resources, webinars, etc.) was completed.

Finally, the content and structure of the workshops being carried out by the "Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació", the Amgen Teach Training Provider in Spain, were defined.

Marina Jiménez Iglesias participated in the event as part of the mSchools program embedded in the YoMo event. The mSchools area at YoMo consisted of two parts:

mSchools Classroom: Informative sessions throughout the four days of YoMo on educational topics and innovative educational experiencies with mobile technology.

mSchools Experiences: Through four different workshop spaces, teachers already participating in the mSchool programme share their experience on how they have applied successfully the different mSchool initiatives to introduce digital technology in the classroom, improving their students' learning skills.

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