Distance Learning Activity #10 is a success!

The 10th Distance Learning Activity from Amgen Teach took place from 10th - 14th April 2017 (Session 1) and from 24th-28th April 2017 (Session 2 - STEM Discovery Week).

433 Polish teachers in total learned and shared their experiences within two live sessions and forum discussions on scientific ideas and procedures ready to use in the kitchen, such as emulsification, fluorescence, gelation and spherification.

The presenters showed tastebud-friendly inexpensive and easy to run experiments which might be provided in the chemistry, biology and natural science classes or in your own kitchen.

Łukasz Sporny and a team of professionals and founders of the Center for Chemistry in Small-Scale, an affiliated institution of Chemistry Departments of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, moderated the discussion. The DLA was organised by the Amgen Teach Training Provider in Poland, WCIES.

More than 1560 posts have been published in the forum and almost 16360 forum views have been noted so far. Many of the teachers from both sessions (Session 1, Session 2) took advantage of the DLA page features, which allowed them to post messages and check the online resources.


Furthermore, 419 teachers in total participated in the live sessions!

The webinar recording in Polish, which has already received more than 148 views, is available here, while all DLA resources in Polish can be downloaded from here.  

Finally, all participants filling in the DLA evaluation form will receive a certificate of participation.