The 3rd year International Workshop at the FCL was a huge success!

Last weekend (23-25 June) the 3rd year International Workshop at the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) for Amgen Teach teachers took place in Brussels!

The 3rd year International Workshop for Amgen Teach teachers was part of the 15th Science Projects Workshops (#SPW15) in the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) organized this year by Amgen Teach and Scientix.

57 participants from 17 countries participated in the SPW15 in order to expand their knowledge on Inquiry-Cased Science Education (IBSE) methods, network with fellow international colleagues and exchange best practices with the help of 4 guest projects!

The guest projects of this SPW were:

The Amgen Teach winners also had the opportunity to receive their awards at the end of the weekend! Have a look!

More photos from the event