• Upcoming Czech Trainings in August!

    The Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague is organizing two summer schools for science teachers in August as a part of the Amgen Teach Programme - read below to find out more about the trainings!

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  • Second Leadership Meeting for Amgen Teach

    On 12. and 13. July, Amgen Teach brought together representatives from the Amgen Foundation and six of its training providers - science2school (Austria), The Institute of Chemical Technology (Czech Republic), ANISN (Italy), WCIES (Poland), FCRi (Spain), and TED University (Turkey) - to discuss the achievements of the project so far and plan activities and events for the 3rd year.

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  • The Amgen Teach resource repository is now online!

    Our brand new resource repository is now available to all registered users! Read more on how to browse and use the variety of teaching materials offered there!

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  • First Amgen Teach Leadership Meeting with training providers

    On 28. June, Amgen Teach met with representatives from four of its training providers - Experimentarium (Belgium), La Main à la Pâte (France), Deutsche Museum (Germany), and the Professional Development Service for Teachers (Ireland).

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  • 12th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

    The 12th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, organized by AmgenTeach will take place in Brussels in June 2016, from Friday 3 (starting time: 19:30) to Sunday 5 (end ~14h).

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  • Amgen Teach: Engaging Science Educators’ Practices Continue to be Best Practices in Education in Turkey!

    Amgen Teach: Engaging Science Educators' Practices took place with two workshops in the 13th Best Practices in Education Conference held over 1000 participants from all over Turkey!

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  • Upcoming Face-to-Face Training Activities in Europe

    These are the latest face-to-face trainings you can register for in your country.

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  • Read about how Amgen Teach has helped teachers around Europe

    The real-life use of the Amgen Teach approach to life sciences is not only practical, but is already yielding genuine results in classrooms across Europe. This is evidenced by the case studies of teachers from a variety of countries who have participated in the initiative and have shared their experience.

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  • Applications for the Workshop in the FCL (4-5 June) are now closed

    Thank you to everyone who applied for the workshop in the Future Classroom Lab in June 4-5.

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  • Register for the 7th Amgen Distance Learning Activity!

    DATES: May 2nd - 6th
    LIVE WEBINAR: May 3rd
    LANGUAGE: English

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