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Amgen Teach: Supporting European life science teachers to use inquiry-based teaching strategies

Teachers, training providers and representatives from European Schoolnet describe the impact of Amgen Teach.

Amgen Teach: Helping Science Teachers Grow

Learn more about how the Amgen Foundation supports professional development opportunities for life science teachers in ten countries across Europe through training workshops and distance learning events. Amgen Teach deepens student interest and achievement in science by strengthening the ability of teachers to use enquiry-based teaching strategies in the classroom.

Amgen Teach: Supporting Science Educators Across Europe

The video has been recorded during a workshop for Amgen Teach Teachers in Brussels in June 2015. Teachers have shared their experiences after the first year of activity of the project. Enjoy!

Previous Years Videos
Joining the Amgen Teach and what I have enjoyed most – the Amgen Teach teachers' stories

The movie will present Amgen Teach teachers' experience with Amgen Teach Programme based on how they have implemented the materials, resources and knowledge gained through the Amgen Teach trainings in their own classrooms. The interviews were held during the seventh Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, 19-21 June 2015.


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